European Elections

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Right Now.

For the Future.



We are full of excitement to be standing in these European elections.

This is a moment when we can restore hope, celebrate the potential that Europe has to improve all our futures, and start looking forward again.

We can seize this opportunity – with your help.

The Green Party has a comprehensive plan to put some joy back into our politics – to get us out of the Brexit mess, to stop climate change before it is too late and to rebuild our communities.

A vote for the Green Party in these elections is a vote to:

  • Remain in the EU, through putting the question of Brexit back to the people and mobilising a positive, pro-European movement to win the People’s Vote for Remain.
  • Recharge the fight against climate change, by electing MEPs who know we need to act now to save our wildlife, our environment and ultimately our planet from catastrophe.
  • Rebuild our communities through dedicated work in the UK and across borders, to restore opportunities and address inequality. While our public services were dismantled by privatisation, our communities hollowed out by corporations and our wallets emptied by bankers, Europe was wrongly presented as the cause of these problems by the Leave campaign. These problems are very real, but leaving Europe is not the answer. Europe is part of the solution.

Green MEPs are well equipped to undertake the detailed work we need to enable European co-operation to help us tackle these problems - to restore hope in the future, for people and the places they love.

As the largest group of UK Remain MEPs in the 2014-2019 Parliament, Green MEPs delivered huge wins for the areas they represent, from reclaiming public money lost to tax avoidance to protecting our countryside and wildlife by banning toxic pesticides.

Green MEPs elected in 2019 will continue this work. They won’t just strive to stop Brexit – they will tackle the causes of Brexit in their communities to help ensure the current chaos never happens again.

This Manifesto sets how Green MEPs will work to keep the UK in the EU, recharge the fight against climate change and deliver in nine priority areas for their communities – from creating decent jobs to ending plastic waste once and for all.

You can rely on elected Greens to do the right thing. As a Party we have been consistently on the right side of history – fighting austerity from the start, challenging climate damaging infrastructure and calling for a People’s Vote. We have always celebrated freedom of movement, and always will. Greens have led the way with good ideas. Where Greens lead, others follow.

Your vote is powerful in these elections. By voting Green, you can help consign this Brexit chaos to the past, and start rebuilding – Right now. For the future.

Remain in the EU

As Greens, we are proud of the leadership Caroline Lucas has shown in resisting Brexit and steering the country towards a more positive future. We are also proud of the work our Green MEPs have done in the European Parliament, upholding the rights of EU citizens affected by Brexit and resisting attacks on the high environmental standards forged by the European Parliament. This is all at risk if we leave the EU.

The Green Party supports a People’s Vote on Brexit, with Remain on the ballot paper, to help find a genuinely democratic route out of the Brexit chaos.

We need a meaningful debate about the relationship we want with Europe – looking to the needs of the future, not the obsessions of politicians stuck in the past. This debate needs to be driven not by dirty money and party political point scoring, but by honest discussion about how we tackle the inequalities in this country.

In that democratic debate, the Green Party will argue for the UK to remain part of the European Union. We believe in the power of working with our neighbours, to address the real problems we face – the challenges of climate breakdown, social inequality and poverty don’t stop at borders.

The Green Party will play a leading role in mobilising a positive pro-European movement to contest the referendum, to convincingly set out how a vote for Remain will build a better future for all. A People’s Vote and a Remain victory can be the start of the genuine social and economic transformation this country needs – toxic top-down politics banished, with people power taking its place. Together we can put the difficult years behind us, and lift its shadow from our families, communities and country.

Recharge The Fight Against Climate Change

Calls for real action on climate are coming from every corner of Britain and beyond. No country can tackle this threat alone. We’ll deliver a renewables revolution across the continent.

There is a Climate Emergency and we must be Carbon Neutral by 2030.
Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. Without addressing climate change, humanity will create momentous havoc and render many parts of the globe basically uninhabitable including the EU and the United Kingdom. But the answer to the climate crisis does exist: Our energy generation must be from 100% renewable sources, we must use our energy efficiently, phase out fossil energy and nuclear power whilst creating quality sustainable jobs in affected regions.

We will drive the principles, process and practice of a just transition towards a net- zero-emissions economy. An EU carbon budget and a carbon tax are needed to accelerate the climate transition. We must cut emissions fast enough to prevent a climate catastrophe and not breach the Paris Climate Agreement of global temperatures not exceeding 1.5°C of pre-industrial levels. We advocate phasing out coal and other fossil fuels to work to ensure we are Carbon Neutral by 2030. Fossil and nuclear subsidies must stop now. Europe needs to divest from fossil fuels and to pull private and public funds from fossil investments.

To make this transition possible, we need to transform the transport sector and make trains a real alternative to planes across Europe and overcome our dependency on polluting cars as quickly as possible. We need to stop the increasing pollution from aviation and to invest extensively in regional and cross-border railway networks. To level the playing field between train and air traffic, flights need to be fairly taxed. We must also understand and act upon the whole environmental impact of all transport options including shipping, particularly cruise ships.

As Greens we’ve been deeply inspired by the sight of young people fighting for their future in the Youth Strikes for Climate and the citizen-led Extinction Rebellion. All our policies draw on our understanding of the need to protect our precious planet and the climate that allows us to live.

Green wins during 2014-2019:

  • Ensuring that the EU committed a target that by 2030, one third of all energy would come from renewable sources.
  • Achieved the phasing out of palm oil as a biofuel in transport.
  • Introduced target for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) as standard for all buildings by 2050.
  • Strengthening the regulation on CO2 emission standards for new heavy- duty vehicles, meaning large reductions in their CO2 emissions.
  • Bring forward the principles, process and practice for the EU to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 which includes phasing out of all fossil fuels, promoting energy efficiency and a move to 100% renewables.
  • Making subsidies to fossil fuels illegal.
  • Introducing an EU-wide frequent flyer levy and removing the tax advantages for the aviation industry.

Tax the Rich

Tax avoidance has stripped the public purse, leading to cuts, austerity and misery across the country. We’ll chase unpaid taxes across borders, making sure the rich and the criminal have nowhere to hide their stolen money.

Everybody must pay their fair share in taxes because corporate tax evasion and corporate tax avoidance undermine a fair and just society. Our societies are becoming increasingly divided where unfair taxation contributes to inequality.

Greens will develop tax regimes that do not continue to privilege large multinational corporations and wealthy individuals. We have fought hard in the European Parliament for more tax justice. We will continue to crack down on tax havens, tax evasion, tax avoidance and money laundering. It is unacceptable that a number of multinational corporations as well as big internet platforms pay almost no taxes at all. Therefore, we want to introduce a digital tax in Europe. Greens stand against unfair tax competition between member countries which is disrupting public budgets everywhere.

Green wins in 2014-2019:

  • The Green group with partners were key in the fight against tax avoidance through cross-border cooperation on taxation and created an obligation for tax advisors to publish any cross- border tax-optimisation schemes they use. The driving force for a far tougher EU stance against money laundering and tighter controls on financial flows, through the adoption of the Anti- money Laundering Directive.
  • A Green and partners report into how IKEA avoided up to €1 billion in taxes through various tax avoidance schemes, encouraged the EU Commission to launch an in-depth probe into the tax arrangements of the company.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • Adopt an action plan to tax the super- rich, to ensure those whose wealth is in excess of £3million contribute equitably.
  • Break up supersized accounting firms who act as both poacher and gamekeeper for tax advice and legal compliance and require them to separate auditing from other activities. Update EU procurement rules to ensure that only companies with transparent and tax-responsible policies can receive EU funds.
  • Enhance cooperation and end the national veto on tax policy.

Case Study

In 2014, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, was chosen to represent the Green Group on the Parliament’s tax working group. The Luxleaks scandal broke shortly afterwards and the Greens lobbied the parliamentary authorities to establish a special tax inquiry committee. Molly was a member of that and the three subsequent inquiries into the outrageous way that large companies and wealthy individuals have avoided paying the taxes they owe to society. This process has led to powerful policies like a blacklist of tax havens, a unified minimum tax rate for the whole EU, and the end of the buying of golden visas by wealthy non-EU citizens.


End Poverty Everywhere

Growing levels of inequality have disfigured our society, contributing to the vote to leave the EU. Greens are committed to sharing our wealth fairly, leaving no- one in poverty or unable to flourish.

Europe needs to become a truly social union, empowering workers, fighting poverty and reducing inequality. The social promise of justice and inclusion for all citizens must be renewed. It must not fall victim to austerity policies nor to corporate greed. Fair pay, Union rights and decent working conditions must be secured. European framework legislation must enforce, through a minimum income directive passed by the next European Parliament, that Member States guarantee their citizens a decent minimum income, respecting national social security systems. Greens also fight for fairly paid sick leave and fair parental leave in all countries in the EU. Social rights must become legally enforceable. We advocate for national pilots on universal basic income and working-time reduction schemes.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • Called successfully for the establishment of a European Parliament Financial Assistance Working Group on Greece, which critically looks into the devastating effects of austerity programmes in the crisis-stuck country.
  • Initiated a European Fund for Transition - which should help sectors and regions to develop sustainable jobs for the future.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • Work with member states and stakeholders to establish Citizen Basic Income experiments to understand the viability and practical implementation of establishing a universal basic income for all EU citizens.
  • We want to update labour rules and welfare regimes so that they recognise the changing nature of work, also protecting self-employed people and workers in the gig and online platform economy.

A 21st Century Economy

Endless growth is fuelling an environmental crisis, whilst an out of control financial system pushes us closer to another disastrous crash. We’ll reprogram the economy, investing in Green innovation and research.

The climate crisis and the collapse in wildlife across the world means we need to take urgent action to change the economy. This means changing the way we live, work and travel but it also offers enormous opportunities to create high-skilled, well-paid jobs right across the country. Insulating homes or installing sustainable infrastructure has to happen in all our communities which means bringing jobs back home. This is what we mean by the Green New Deal.

Europe must become the global leader in the just transition to a carbon-neutral circular economy through the Green New Deal, overcoming the austerity ideology and ensuring economic development that benefits everyone. This promise is of good work and decent jobs, sustainability, social inclusiveness, improved crisis resilience and stability. We want to work in partnership with employees, unions and businesses in order to promote economic security. With the rapid and unrestricted growth of the digital sector we need an effective and independent EU authority to supervise, control and limit the market power of big corporations.

Europe needs a common sustainable industrial policy where manufacturing is sensitive to the life cycle of the products produced and for sustainable finance which supports ethical investment but opposes greenwashing. The development of adequate infrastructure has to be a high priority and emphasis must be put on research and eco-innovation. The development of digital technology and clean technology shall go hand in hand, guided by societal needs and by the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals. Industrial de- regulation and trade agreements must not be allowed to undermine or stand in the way of environmental and social progress.

The next five years will see big changes in the way we work, with automated technology displacing many from their jobs. Greens are prepared to take on the power of the digital giants to challenge their monopoly position. This is essential to ensure value that comes from automation benefits us all, rather than being channelled into the pockets of the super-rich.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • The Greens, together with partners built up a coalition in the European Parliament against the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism in free trade agreements. ISDS mechanisms, which were made famous by the failed TTIP treaty, are private tribunals, which largely privilege big corporations against states who may wish to regulate them.
  • Thanks to the Greens, for the first time in Europe, firms involved in the extraction and trade of conflict minerals will be obliged to check whether their supply chain has links to armed conflicts and human rights abuses.
  • Thanks to the Greens, the Parliament will negotiate for compulsory criteria on labour and environmental standards in EU Trade Agreements, paving the way for a UN binding instrument on business and human rights.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • An effective and independent EU authority to supervise the digital sector in order to control and limit the market power of big corporations.
  • An EU-wide Green New Deal to accelerate the sustainability transition and create high-skilled jobs in all our communities.
  • An upgrade of EU competition law to ensure that the gains from automation are shared fairly.

Equal Rights for All

Rights for some groups and minorities are under threat from a resurgent far-right across Europe. We are proud to celebrate diversity, and will challenge discrimination or hatred wherever we find it.

Equality is at the heart of Green policies. All European countries must implement the Istanbul Convention as a matter of priority. We are determined to secure equal pay for equal work and a more balanced composition of power structures. We want to guarantee free and accessible, good- quality and safe sexual and reproductive health care and services for all, including abortion. Europe needs to fight gender and sex-based violence as laid out in EU policies on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. We want the right to legal abortion to be included in the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. We also want all policies and services to recognise the true diversity of Europeans and to tackle and prevent all forms of discrimination and violence, including against LGBTIQA+ people

Young people are building the future of Europe. We owe them the best possible conditions for doing so and the right to youth emancipation. This is why young people must have the right to affordable higher education, good training conditions and fair access to jobs that provide a good income. Social protection for youth would be guaranteed through minimum income legislation, and we will encourage and advocate basic income trials and research. The EU should encourage Member States to invest more in education.

Europe needs to invest heavily in financing lifelong learning and requalification. The EU funding for exchange programmes, such as the Erasmus Programme, needs to be multiplied tenfold. Every young person should have the possibility of participating in an exchange programme regardless of financial background or educational career. Sufficient funding for the European Solidarity Corps ought to give young people the chance to develop their own volunteering projects. We will fight against job market regulations that hinder fair access to quality jobs by tackling age discrimination in employment with a commitment to the Healthy Ageing agenda. We will work towards real progress on promoting equality with commitment to advocating the EU adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

We are proud that Europe is diverse and colourful. We strongly condemn and fight any kind of discrimination and hate crimes on the basis of – but not limited to – gender and sexual identity, class, colour, ethnicity and their intersections. We want all policies and services to recognise the true diversity of people and their families – and the contribution they make to our societies.

We will continue to be passionate advocates of the core values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These are core, principle values in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between all people prevail. We recognise whilst some progress has been made, great strides still need to be taken to achieve equality. We will continue to be at the forefront to champion the fight against racism, hatred » and bigotry in all its forms and vigorously challenge our peers and member states to follow our lead of zero tolerance.

We will work to promote projects to recognise the history and culture of BAME migration to Europe, and the contribution those migrants have made to our past and present. We will also work to secure a fair and prosperous future, developing new initiatives to support BAME business people and to widen their trading links within Europe, and beyond.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • Strongly supported the report for the European Parliament to improve its position on the rights of national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in the EU.
  • Leading the process to hold the Hungarian Government to account for its contravention of Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • Ensure the Commission draws up a common framework of EU core standards for the protection of minorities.
  • Ensure that all EU and national Equality bodies have the powers to promote equality and tackle discrimination – including through appropriate legal processes and court.
  • Work to ensure the EU adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Extend the 2000 EU Directive establishing equal treatment in employment and occupation for disabled people, to give disabled people rights to equal treatment in education, housing and services also.
  • Follow through with the processes to hold the Hungarian Government to account in the protection of ethnic minorities and other human right breaches.

Stamp out Corruption

Our democracy has been hijacked by dark money, corporate interest, and elite power. We’ll root out corruption wherever it’s hiding, and give stronger protection to whistle-blowers who expose wrongdoing.

Although Greens are strongly pro- European, that does not mean that we are naive about the way the EU institutions work. We are often the strongest critics of the Commission and the Council, as well as requiring our colleagues in the European Parliament to meet the highest standards of probity and transparency. We need much stronger controls on lobbying of all EU institutions and we need to end the revolving door so that powerful politicians cannot move straight into lobbying for corporations.

We must uphold the rule of law and fundamental rights, increase transparency and fight corruption in EU member states. Defending democracy against authoritarianism is a battle for the soul of Europe. European institutions and Member States must be united in this conflict. The EU needs a binding and comprehensive mechanism to regularly monitor the state of democracy, the right of opposition voices to be heard, the rule of law, free press and fundamental rights in all EU Member States. A lack of transparency in the Council compromises democratic accountability and allows hypocritically blaming ‘Brussels’.

The EU needs to provide protection to activists, journalists and whistle-blowers who expose hidden information in the public interest. European funds must not be used to break European rules. National governments that undermine the rule of law shall be denied control over EU funds, while final beneficiaries shall be protected. Corruption must be resolutely fought. We also call for a public inquiry into the British EU referendum and for the UK to have a representative and proportional electoral system.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • Changed the European Parliament’s rules so that lobbyists like Monsanto who refuse to appear before parliamentary committees can now be banned from the Parliament.
  • Won improvements to the European Commission’s ethics standards including a 2-3 year cooling-off period before they can embark on new lobbying roles.
    Forced the Commission to bring forward the current proposal for an EU-wide whistle-blower Protection directive.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • The European Parliament should have full powers to initiate legislation.
  • An extended cooling off period before EU politicians can work in the private sector they have been regulating.
  • Transparency of Council decision- making to allow democratic accountability and prevent national governments hypocritically blaming ‘Brussels’.
  • Extend the protection for activists, journalists and whistle-blowers who expose hidden information in the public interest.

Grow Good Food

Farming in Britain is in desperate need of reform, so that we can grow more of our own food while protecting our natural world. We’ll support British farmers to provide good, affordable food for their local communities.

Farming is a vital part of our economy and the health of our nation. Greens are keen to support farmers to produce good local, GMO and pesticide-free food, without cruelty to animals. In future, European taxpayers’ money shall only support healthy food production for European citizens instead of subsidising the agro- industry that destroy our soils, heightens the biodiversity crises and monopolises food production. We are working hard to ensure that the most poisonous pesticides are banned as soon as possible.

We oppose European agricultural products being dumped on the world market that destroy the local food production in many developing countries. How much farmers benefit from Europe’s agricultural policies and subsidies should depend on how much they protect the climate, safeguard water, invest in animal welfare, enhance biodiversity and refrain from using GMOs. We want fair product prices so that farmers in our vital rural areas can thrive rather than serving a few multinationals with huge revenues. Greens continue to oppose factory farming and live-animal transport and we demandhigh welfare standards for farm animals.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • Reducing the length of the glyphosate licence from 15 to 5 years.
  • Leading the reform of Organic farming and fighting for healthier, living soils, greater seed diversity and more thorough checks on imports.
  • Achieved a majority in Parliament in favour of banning the routine use of antibiotics in animal feed.
  • Green ambition for 2019-2024:

    • Ensure that glyphosate is banned across the EU and continue the battle for transparency in the licensing of pesticides and reductions in their use.
    • Ensure stronger regulation of endocrine disrupters, which can cause cancers, birth defects, and other developmental disorders as well as damaging our hormone systems.
    • Champion the reformation on the basis which CAP subsidies are paid to work to ensure they primarily support environmental & social benefit and not simply land ownership.
    • Reform fisheries policy, with the aim of allowing English regions and Wales to draw up their own management plans, with input by local inshore fishing fleets. Fishing quotas will then be based on these plans.

Stand with Migrants

The 2016 referendum unleashed a torrent of hatred, fear and division across our country. We’ll work with our neighbours to combat such hatred and welcome refugees and celebrate freedom of movement.

Safety guarantees to asylum seekers exist because of lessons that Europe’s dark history has taught us. For us, the right to asylum is non-negotiable. We want an asylum policy based on solidarity, on humanity and an orderly process, including the fair sharing of responsibilities among Member States plus re-establishing a European sea-rescuing mission. Europe must create common, high standards and common rules for labour mobility and migration. We want the European Union to support countries, regions, cities and communities integrating refugees or migrants. Helping migrants should never be criminalised. People do not belong in prison for seeking asylum.

The Green Party of England and Wales believes in expanding refugee and asylum policy to prepare for the financial and other support needed by people seeking safety from the effects of climate change. This will mean the European Union can help more people who enter its borders in fear of their lives, seeking sanctuary from the impact of climate change.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • At the forefront of the reform of the Dublin System for an asylum system based on solidarity and shared responsibility.
  • We led the fight and gained support to abolish the ‘first country of entry’ criteria and substitute it with a permanent and automatic reallocation mechanism.
  • Helped pass a European Parliament motion on refugees at the height of the 2015 refugee crisis, which paved the way for increased financial support for the successful integration of refugees into European communities.
  • Helped lobby to scrap the UK Government’s proposed 2018 cut-off date for the Dubs scheme, enabling more support for child refugees.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • Urgently find a fair alternative to the current Dublin system so that all member states play their part in providing sanctuary to refugees.
  • Introduce humanitarian visas to allow refugees to have safe routes to sanctuary.
  • Revise agreements with transit countries to ensure the proper protection of human rights and EU international commitments.

End Pollution and Waste

British citizens have woken up to the disaster of plastic waste and air pollution however these are problems which respect no borders. We’ll work collaboratively to stamp this out once and for all.

Determined action on the environment can improve the lives of millions of people. To protect the air we breathe and the water we drink, we need to cut pollution rapidly. Plastic is clogging our rivers, seas and littering our lands with destructive and toxic consequences for animal and human health. That’s why the Greens group are at the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution. We have been the driving force behind the European Parliament’s demand to reduce plastic waste and to ban a whole range of single-use plastic products, including straws and cutlery. Non-recyclable plastics must be taxed and ultimately banned whilst sustainable alternatives developed and recycling targets increased.

Thousands die prematurely every year from fine particles and other air pollutants. A significant increase in illnesses has been provoked by the damage to environment from pollution caused by people’s activities and by unhealthy lifestyles. Chemicals, hormones, nitrate or microplastic in our food chain pose many health dangers. The European Union must address the roots of the problem and take adequate measures to promote alternatives solutions. To preserve our valuable planet, we want to expand protected natural habitats significantly so that they cover all important ecosystems. We believe the European Union needs a new and much more far-reaching environmental action programme to address the cause and effects of pollution. The EU should not finance harming the environment or biodiversity and marine protected areas should cover 20% of our seas.

Greens are the leading group in the European Parliament seeking to reduce the use of damaging chemicals and products in our production systems. To preserve our invaluable natural world, we want to expand protected natural areas significantly so that they cover key ecosystems. You can trust Greens to always put the protection of nature first.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • Managed to ensure that there will be more waste prevention, separate collections for bio-waste, increased recycling and reduced landfill.
  • Following Dieselgate, we pushed for new rules for enhanced market surveillance and penalties on fraudulent manufacturers.
  • We have been the driving force behind the European Parliament’s demand to reduce plastic waste and to ban a whole range of single-use plastic products.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • End EU financing that impacts negatively on the environment or on wildlife.
  • Expand marine protected areas until they cover 20% of our seas.
  • Ban non-recyclable plastics, create a supportive environment for the development sustainable alternatives and increase recycling targets.

Tackle the arms trade

Deadly and deeply unpopular wars have rightly eroded trust in the British establishment. We’ll build peace between nations by making sure we aren’t fuelling violent conflicts or repressive regimes that kill, injure and violate the human rights of millions of people worldwide

First and foremost, we must stop arms exports to dictators, repressive regimes, armed groups or countries at war and foster the development of non-violent solutions to prevent dispute escalation. The EU is still a peace project. To maintain peace, Europe needs a common security and defence policy by pooling and sharing non-military resources as well as coordinating Member States’ efforts at the European level. Europe must not seek profits from unscrupulous exports of arms, police and security equipment and surveillance technologies to those who use them for harm.

Stringent EU export rules must be strictly imposed. New stronger controls over surveillance technology drones and artificial intelligence are needed. Peace and development cannot be guaranteed only through military means. Europe should increase its development cooperation funding to reach at least 0.7% of GDP and raise its funding for civil conflict prevention, resolution and moderation instead of reducing it. When human rights and the environment are seriously threatened, Europe has to be able to defend its values by using its foreign policy instruments comprehensively. A comprehensive concept of human security will only thrive in an environment of multilateralism, of international justice, rule of law and the protection of human rights.

Green wins 2014-2019:

  • As a result of a Greens initiative, the European Parliament called for an international treaty to ban killer robots, otherwise known as ‘lethal autonomous weapons systems’, and demands that no money from the European Defence Fund goes into the research and development of killer robots.
  • Thanks to a report drafted by a Greens/ EFA MEP, the European Parliament called for much stricter controls on arms exports, and arms embargoes against all countries that fail to uphold international humanitarian and human rights laws.
  • The Greens group initiated the call
    to High Representative Federica Mogherini and EU Member States
    to impose an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia for its crimes committed in the war in Yemen.
  • Greens were instrumental in strengthening existing EU controls to ban the export of goods that could be used for torture or the death penalty.

Green ambition for 2019-2024:

  • Push for EU-wide ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and all parties to the conflict in Yemen.
  • Block EU research funds being spent on defence.
  • Focus aid spending on need, not on geopolitical priorities.

Vote Green

Right now. For the future.

What can one Green MEP achieve?


Molly Scott-Cato

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West from 2014 and our lead candidate for the region in this election, had led Green work on finance and farming in Europe.

Her achievements over the past four years include:

  • Negotiating a law to massively reduce use of antibiotics on farms, reducing the threat of resistance and ending the unsanitary conditions of factory farming.
  • Negotiating for a more flexible VAT regime that allow UK government to end the tampon tax while also protecting the £85,000 VAT threshold and extending this to all European businesses.
  • Leading the EU Parliament on sustainable finance and working on laws to make it mandatory for banks, insurance companies and pension funds to report the sustainability impact of people’s financial products.

Molly is keen to continue this work, if re-elected to serve the South West on 23 May.


Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London from 2014 to 2019, has led work on ‘green jobs’ in the European Parliament; combining the need to change to a climate-friendly, resource- efficient economy with decent pay and conditions at work. Carers’ Leave is now coming in to EU law, following the European Parliament’s support for the proposal from Jean, stemming from her work with grassroots organisations. In London, she has opposed airport expansion, used EU law to push for cleaner air and supported legal actions to stop the deportation of homeless EU nationals.

Jean has been a strong voice for asylum seekers, both in the EU and elsewhere in the world, including the Rohingya people and children in the asylum process, supporting the work of London Citizens and ‘Safe Passage’ to reunite families. She has pushed for equality of treatment for people and has promoted measures to challenge Islamophobia, increase diversity in the EU’s workforce and enable better access to goods and services for people with disabilities. Jean has championed free movement and the protection of people’s rights – not least those now hit by the threat of Brexit.


Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East from 2010 to 2019 has concentrated on three areas of work - Climate, Disabilities and Animal welfare. In order to meet the deadlines by which we need to have dramatically reduced carbon emissions, Keith has concentrated on energy and transport. Keith has built strong links with NGOs and community groups opposing unconventional oil and gas extraction, such as fracking and acidisation. He has also worked on legislation to reduce air pollution and cut carbon from cars and lorries.

Keith championed access to transport for people with disabilities, working alongside the European Disability Forum, calling for direct benefit for the 80 million disabled Europeans.

As Green Party Animals spokesperson, Keith was also vice-chair of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup and worked to better protect companion animals, control puppy farms and the trade in exotic pets, and to improve the welfare of dairy cows, pigs and farmed rabbits. His work has helped prepare the way for the next EU Parliament to end live animal exports, once and for all.


Bearing the banner for remain

In 2014 the Green Party of England and Wales won 7% of the vote, winning 3 MEPs. From 2016 this block of Green MEPs has been the largest pro-EU British voice inside the European Parliament, fighting from the day after the referendum for a Peoples Vote and for our shared future in Europe.

Opinion polls for the 2019 Euro Elections suggest that the Green Party will continue to be the largest Remain Party. By voting Green, you can stop the Brexit chaos – Right now. For the future.