Greens Win In Leominster

18 July 2014

Jenny Bartlett has won the county council by-election in Leominster South last night, becoming the second county councillor in Herefordshire for the Green Party. She received 384 votes – a comfortable win over the Tories who received 222 in 2nd place.

Her victory brings the total seats held by the Green Party across the West Midlands to 25 seats on 10 councils.

Jenny Bartlett said: "I am thrilled to be given a such clear vote of confidence by the electors of Leominster South and look forward to joining my Green colleague, County Councillor Felicity Norman, on Herefordshire Council."

She continued: "When Greens get elected, people like what they see and want more. Following Felicity's election to Herefordshire Council in May 2011 and our gain of Leominster Town Council seats the same month, we won two town council by-elections in two months in 2012. This by-election victory continues the trend."

"Felicity has been working constructively with allies on the council, the local 'It's Our County' party, and I am keen to do the same. We Greens are team players. We are people who care about the goals and the issues. We are working for a new kind of politics based on co-operation and trust."


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