Greens Select Meriden Parliamentary Candidate

19 January 2015

The Green Party has selected teacher Alison Gavin as their General Election candidate for Meriden constituency.

The Green Party has six Councillors in the constituency, putting them firmly as the main opposition to the Conservatives at the local level [1].

At the last General Election, the party had just one seat in the constituency, whereas Labour had seven.

Ms Gavin has lived in the constituency for 8 years, in both Bentley Heath and Chelmsley Wood and has taught at Oaklands School in Smith's Wood.

Ms Gavin intends to focus her campaign on highlighting the solutions she and the Green Party can bring to the profit-orientated changes to public services taken over the past 5 years.

Ms Gavin will focus on her passion for decent public services in austerity Britain - education that is free for all, and where the NHS serves people rather than the interests of corporations.

Ms Gavin said: "We need to restructure of public services so they they work for the common good of all people, not the interests of big corporations where profit is their number one motive."

"And we need to rebuild our economy, so that it works for everyone where gets a fair share."

"At the moment, Labour and UKIP are too similar to the Con-Lib coalition to be able to make any difference."

Councillor Howard Allen, Green General Election candidate for Solihull said: "Alison is a first rate candidate. Her ability to listen and get results and passion for public services and ensuring everyone gets a decent income will really resonate with voters."


1) In Meriden constituency, there are:
17 Conservative Councillors
6 Green Party Councillors
2 Labour Councillors
1 Independent Councillor
1 UKIP Councillor


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