Green Party to stand in Stoke by-election

7 February 2017

North Staffordshire Green Party has announced local activist Adam Colclough as its candidate for the Stoke by-election.

Colclough is from Stoke and understands the problems it faces. He wants to end austerity and tackle insecure employment, low pay and inadequate housing. His priorities are the NHS, social care and education.

Colclough works in logistics operations but also has roles in a mental health forum, NHS patients’ forum and young offenders’ rehabilitation organisations. He is studying part time for a sociology degree at Staffordshire University.

Colclough said: “I’m absolutely committed to fighting for a better future for my city and its people. Politicians need to be honest about the real causes of the problems that blight Stoke on Trent and offer credible solutions that will work. Simply staying silent about austerity instead of offering realistic, alternative economic and industrial policies is not good enough.

“The people of Stoke have been taken for granted for far too long and the Green Party will be honest in addressing these issues to create a fair and sustainable future. Many people in Stoke are disconnected from the three mainstream parties and seeking an alternative. We want to offer them one based on inclusion and hope, not division and prejudice.”

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said: “Adam has lived in Stoke his whole life which means he truly understands the strengths and challenges of the area. He would be a great representative and make changes that impact people’s day-to-day lives in areas like jobs and housing. I’m proud for Adam to be representing the Green Party and offering a brighter, fairer future.”

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