Election success in the West Midlands!

5 May 2012

Following this year's elections, the Green Party now has 12 Councillors on 7 Councils across the West Midlands Region, including a group of 5 Councillors on Solihull Council.  Greens gained 4 seats in the Region, and successfully defended 2, with no loses.

(Solihull Group - R to L - Cllrs Howard Allen, Alison Walters, Chris Williams, Karl Macnaughton, Mike Sheridan)

Here are the results in full:

Worcester: Greens 720, Cons 442, Labour 236, LD 52.
Cllr Neil Laurenson elected (50%)

Dudley: Greens 1525, Labour 1269, Cons 335, UKIP 257.
Cllr Will Duckworth elected (45%)

Nuneaton: Greens 1012, Cons 651, Labour 488.
Cllr Keith Konkador elected (47%)

Smiths Wood: Greens 1030, Labour 473, BNP 150, Cons 132.
Cllr Mike Sheridan re-elected (58%)

Chelmsley Wood: Greens 1336, Labour 644, Cons 147.
Cllr Chris Williams elected (63%)

Shirley: Greens 1001, Cons 729, Labour 426, LD 406.
Cllr Howard Allen re-elected (39%)

News coverage has been impressive, and included:

Stourbridge News: "Greens win first-ever seat on Dudley Council"
Worcester Standard: "Green Party make history on dramatic night"
Nuneaton News: "the biggest shock of the night came when Keith Kondakor made a piece of local history"
Solihull News: "the day belongs to the Greens"

We're thrilled to have Green voices in every county of our region bar one, speaking out for environmental and social justice, and holding Councils to account.  We look forward to making more gains next time!

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