Greens Rally Against Cuts

7 October 2010

Green Party members from across the West Midlands gathered on Sunday 3rd October to protest against the coalition Government’s plans to cut essential public services. The rally was supported by a range of trade unions, community groups and disability groups concerned that the cuts would harm the most vulnerable in society.

Green Party members came out in force to tell David Cameron and the Conservative Party, which is meeting in Birmingham for its Autumn conference, that we would not stand by and let vital services such as the NHS be cut to ribbons and turned over to the private sector.

Green Party National Campaigns Officer Romayne Phoneix spoke from the platform and told the crowd that the cuts were not needed and will lead to the economy spiralling out of control. Romayne also highlighted the need for more urgency in tackling climate change, protecting jobs and a massive range on investment to protect the poor and help the recovery of our country. You can watch Romayne’s speech in this video made by visiting Tower Hamlets Green Party members -

Ben Bradley of the Birmingham Green Party said "These cuts will drag us back to the dark ages of the 1980's where it was every man, women and child for themselves. I believe that these cuts are not driven by need but driven by ideology. We must not let the coalition Government destroy the kind of services that vulnerable people rely on in their day to day lives. The Green Party is determined to protect them."

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