Romayne Phoenix To Speak At Anti-Cuts Conference

19 October 2010

Green Party National Campaigns Co-ordinator, Romayne Phoenix, will be speaking at the “How to Fight the Cuts, A New Vision for Birmingham” conference this Saturday 23rd October.

Organised by the People’s Charter, a group against the proposed cuts promised by the Con-Dem coalition, the one-day conference will look at how to fight the cuts and present a new vision for a better Birmingham for its people. Other prominent figures taking part are Tony Benn and Jack Dromey, the MP for Erdington.

Romayne Phoenix said “These savage cuts are not inevitable and they are not acceptable. They are ideologically driven, designed to cut out the heart of the welfare state and to place public service provision in the hands of private profiteers. The ConDem Government wants to make the poorest pay the most towards footing the bill for this banker driven crisis. The Green Party has consitently campaigned for cuts to be avoided completely. We believe tax rises for the wealthiest who benfited from the boom should pay for the deficit, not the least well-off."

Romayne Phoenix will be doing a workshop on "An Alternative Vision for A Green Future"

“The Green Party supports the Green New Deal, a plan to create a million new jobs in renewable energy infrastructure, building and refurbishing homes, public transport and in public services.”

“With all of the challenges our planet, country and families face, we have to look forward to an entirely different path. The inequality and injustice the previous Government created are being made so much worse by the current one. Only the Green Party has policies, which can affect the radical change needed to true create social, economic and environmental justice. Green Party policies are made for the next 50 years not the next 50 weeks.”

The day starts at 9.30am at Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square, this coming Saturday. For further information on the conference visit

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