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Taxpayers' subsidies to Birmingham Airport criticised

27 September 2010

Birmingham and Solihull Councils have been accused of using taxpayers' money to subsidise Birmingham International Airport.

The Green Party has slammed the councils, airport shareholders, for choosing not to withdraw its dividend from share pay-outs.

The project was approved almost two years ago, but the scheme has been delayed by the recession.

Green Party spokesman Chris Williams said this week that the scheme was being bank-rolled using taxpayers' cash.

"By not choosing to withdraw its dividend, the councils are effectively subsidising the airport - a private enterprise," he said.

"There are many other businesses in Birmingham and Solihull that are struggling to survive and they're not receiving help.

"The airport is thriving and yet it's been supported when sweeping cuts are just around the corner."

Birmingham City Council will also be helping to fund a £32m diversion of the A45.

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