Dr Ian Davison

Ian DavisonIan Davison studied science at Cambridge University and then did a PhD. He taught in state secondary schools including as Head of Science and as a senior teacher. Ian now does research at the University of Birmingham. 

Ian has been active in the Green Party for 24 years. He has given many talks on climate change. He is concerned that the throw-away society is not helping people. It is bad for our economy and environment. However, Ian is confident that British people and companies can stop dangerous climate change. We just need to elect Green politicians, first.

Green Jobs Pledged

In Warwickshire, Ian is campaigning hard to stop a huge unnecessary incinerator. It would cost taxpayers millions of pounds until 2044.

He is also proposing that all new housing is on brownfield sites. This means more houses in town centres. It is attractive to many first time buyers and will help to tackle climate change.

Across the region, Ian feels Government should:

  • promote the green manufacturing
  • keep local Post Offices
  • encourage local Councils to buy local
  • reduce traffic by putting shops and offices near homes

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