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About West Midlands Green Party


The Green Party is growing fast. We have representatives in Westminster and on a record number of local councils, as well as in the London Assembly.

Here in the West Midlands, we work hard to increase the number of Greens elected. Having Greens in the room changes the conversation. It moves us away from tired old “politics as usual”. It puts issues on the agenda that improve the lives of people and planet, and it brings change to the heart of our communities.

We want to see more Green MPs in parliament, and more Greens councillors on every council in the West Midlands. We rely on people power rather than shady corporate donors. We work hard for what we believe in.

Be part of the change you want to see. Get involved today, and together we can build the future we want to live in. Join

The Green Party Political Programme sets out what Greens are in politics to do: to end the system that keeps hurting the environment and all who rely on it. We want to build a better alternative.

This Programme isn’t like other parties’ manifestos. It wasn’t squeezed through focus groups and stripped down according to the latest polling. Instead it is built from policies proposed and voted on by our members, looking to secure the long term future of the places and people they love.

It’s a vision of a better world, and together we can deliver it. Download the PDF

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